About Us


SLATE-The Play School was started in the year 2003.With inimitable auspices of Mrs. Sujatha, the principal,SLATE has thrived to be one of the best playschools in Hyderabad

The School provides counseling to the parents with regards to the academics and child’s performance.

At Slate, we believe that we can make a difference to our society through the kind of learning we impart to our students. We aim to infuse the desire for discovery and the power to achieve in the child.

Slate-The Play School is the result of an intent to provide holistic, realistic and futuristic education to children, preparing them to face the challenges of the world and helping them win across all spheres of life.

Towards Holistic, Realistic and Futuristic Education

It is time education transformed. From catering to the intellect to encompassing all the senses of the student. From focusing on students needs within the context of a school to adopting a societal perspective of the role of their education. From being confined to theoretical knowledge to opening its doors to the realities of life. From being unidirectional and classroom-centric to forming a network of multi-dimensional learning opportunities. At Slate - The Play School, we are underway in transforming our education system across all these areas. Because, we believe that unless the system itself does not transform, it cannot facilitate a student to transform.

Holistic Education

Holistic Education is a 'whole-body' approach to education. Whether we are looking at the student's whole body or the society as a whole body. From the student's point of view, learning is promoted by engaging the different senses of the student. From the school's point of view, the Holistic approach to learning is to continually place the student within the context of society. In fact, the learning needs of the student are derived from needs of the society at large.

Realistic Education

Realistic Education addresses and builds on the rational relationship between the student and the environment. It emphasizes on truth and realities of life rather than the endeavor and appreciation of beauty. It combines scientific knowledge with common sense, and orients itself to the needs of life and changes therein.

Futuristic Education

Futuristic Education refers to the usage of innovative learning delivery mechanisms. The moot point being that 'how can learning reach students beyond the conventional classroom at campus'. A large part of it relies on e-learning, but more important than technology is the interactive nature of learning delivery. This approach also takes into consideration the up-skilling of the teaching faculty wrt to the new modes of delivery.